If we had a dream party, we would definitely choose londoner producer BEWILERBEAST to play all night long (not only because our names are alike) but for his sticky + paranormal sound, and we are sure that just wouldn't be enough for us.


BEWILDERBEAST is London based Gus BC. I use home made synths, youtube 'field recordings', broken tape recorders and modern electronics to create blurred/mushy house music.
At the moment, I release my music through the awesome DIY label 'Airlines'. To date, I have released two albums-Running and State of the Art through them and have a third, full length LP currently being pressed onto vinyl as I type. It's called 'Unreal_Estate'.

AB: Your music in a few words: 
BB: Bugged out, trans-genre, pastiche-pop. Virtual Reality.

AB: Favorite sound in the woooorld:
BB: Hard to say. I love a lot of things, music wise at the moment. I'm really into 'child soldier', that Oneohtrix Point Never track, but you can't really separate it from the album ('Replica'). Also, the new(ish) Daphni remix of Holden's 'renata' is on pretty heavy rotation at the moment (as is the whole album-'The Inheritors').
I'm also listening to 'Ringleader' by Shigeto a ton while I'm cycling round. Such a solid summer jam.

AB: Personal tastes in music and fashion:
BB: I tend to go for weirder, noisier more abstract stuff at the moment. I'm obsessed with Actress, Patten and Cyclist. As I also said, I'm a huge Oneohtrix Point Never fan.
I also have a really soft spot for anything high-life oriented from the 70's. Awesome Tapes from Africa is a huge source of solid jams. I'm listening to Gyedu Ambolay's 'Simigwe Soca' right now. Irresistible stuff.

Fashion wise, I'm pretty clueless. I don't ever really try to formulate a 'look'. I just wear things that I like. At the moment, that's massive, 'miami coke dealer' shirts, preferably made out of slinky material, dip dye jumpers and fatigued to shit t shirts.

AB: Inspired by:
BB: London is quite an 'inspiring' place to live. Lots of cultural references floating around, just waiting to be appropriated by internet savvy music nerds.
I tend to think of ideas for tracks while I'm on trains. Last night there was a dead butterfly on the underground, being blown around the carriage. It felt almost religious. I was the only one in the carriage and I'd just spent all night hanging out in brixton outside the ritzy chatting to all the old wizened Rastas in the square. Coming from the wall to wall, mushy, cultural soup that is brixton into a completely silent, symbolically sterile tube carriage was weird enough without it being infected by a dead butterfly.

AB: Anything else? 
BB: Right now, I'm thinking about how much I'm looking forward to getting out and cycling over to see some of my friends tonight.

Gus BC, mejor conocido como BEWILDERBEAST. Uso synths caseros, grabaciones perdidas de youtube, video casseteras que casi no funcionan y hacen ruidas, e instrumentos modernos para crear música house surreal y mushy.

AB: Tu música en pocas palabras:BB: Fuera de lo común, trans-genero, pastiche.-pop. Realidad virtual.

AB: Canción favorita de todos los tiempos:BB: Díficil de decir. Me encanta "child soldier" de Oneothrix Point Never por el momento, el remix de Holden, Renata, me fascina.Últimamente escucho mucho "Ringlider " de Shigeto cuando voy en la bici.
Creo que no hay ninguna canción en sí que sea mi favorita, todo depende de el momento de mi vida por el que paso o lo que estoy haciendo.

AB: Gustos personales en música y moda:BB: Me voy por cosas más raras y abstractas en la música que por algún genero en general, estoy obsesionado con Actress, Patten y Cyclist. Como dije soy un graaan fan de Oneothrix Point Never.

Tengo una gran inclinación por cualquier cosa que provenga de los 70's. Los sonidos Africanos de esa época son una joya para mis mixtapes. Estoy escuchando SIMIGWE SOCA de Gyedy Ambolay ahora mismo, irresistible!Respecto a la moda, no lo sé. Nunca trato de formular mi look, solo me pongo las cosas que me gustan.   

AB: Inspirado por:BB: Londres es un gran lugar "inspiracional" para vivir. Hay muchisimas referencias culturales flotando por todos lados, esperando por creativos para ser encontradas.
Casi siempre se me ocurren las ideas para mis tracks cuando voy en el tren. Anoche había una mariposa muerta en el suelo, volando al rededor de la calle. Lo sentí casi religioso, yo era el único en la calle, viendo la mariposa. Esto es lo que más me inspira, cuando me pongo a observar los detalles de las cosas cotidianas .

AB: Algo más?BB: Justo ahora estoy pensando en las ganas que tengo de salir a andar en bici y ver a mis amigos.

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