I recently discovered this internet guy that owes a Microsoft 95 universe tumblr BOMB and makes really sickkkkk sounds.

  • AB: Why and how did you started creating music?
  • M: I started making electronic songs with vocals in junior high just for fun about such things as funny friends of mine, fat people, eating sausage and that kind of things, few years after that making music became more serious for me and simply turned out to be my passion : )

  • AB: I find all of your tracks very unpredictable but fresh + digestible at the same time, what are you inspired by?
  • M: i'm inspired by ponies and panteros666; i also seek inspiration in rave music and Chicago house from the 80s and 90s. stuff like old games, movies from the 80s and windows95 also inspires me. Lately kinda big influence on my music has been the tumblr culture and vaporwave

  • AB: Weirdest thing on universe?
  • M: Some girls doesn't like anal sex, i dont know why. It makes me sad and i find it kinda odd. They must be weird or something i guess.

  • AB: Some good tracksssssssss
  • M:
  • Trust - Bulbform Paris XY - The Return Umbertron - Downtown powwowW - J e n o v a Panteros666 - Baby F-16 Yarinka Collucci - Vangelis Ultra ウルトラ - サイバネット U t o p i a David Douglas - Higher (Weval Remix)

  • AB: What's behind your upcoming EP "Ponies on acid!" ?

  • M: Behind the pink pony and the error message from Windows 95 there are 3 tracks: 2 of them could've been heard on my Soundcloud and these are 'Walk With Me' and 'Vintage Track'; the third track is 'Give Me Some Chicago House' and it is a hard acid surprise hahahahahhaah.

  • AB: Sounds sexy and fun, and a deadly acid bomb of course.
    Who are you?
  •  . . . 

    MACIEK: Siberian lumberjack. Seriously speaking I am the conservationist of relics - buildings, furniture, paintings etc. - nothing special


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